This is a hackathon hosted by the System Design Engineering department for our 1A students to provide extra learning opportunities and encourage teamwork among peers. A hackathon is an event in which people work together in a short amount of time to carry out a solution to a prompt or problem space. We host this hackathon to encourage 1A students to connect with each other and get to know hackathon as a type of learning opportunity. 

There are three main themes in this hackathon:

  1. Climate change and environment

  2. Covid-19 and E-learning

  3. Creative life hacks

We would provide some sample prompts which would provide some inspiration to all the themes. However, you would need to define your own problem space which means you are welcome to use the prompts we gave, but don’t necessarily need to. You are also welcomed to modify the prompts as you wish.



  1. Climate change and Environment

Design a product or system which will improve air quality in big cities while doubling as a tourism opportunity.

  1. COVID-19 / ELearning 
    Design an app (can be any system or web app) which allows you to experience different cultures and travel the world while staying home.

  2. Life HacksSimulate your winter holiday decorations and program a customized light sequence in the programming language of your choice.



Hackathon Sponsors


$CAD120 in prizes

Best Hacks (3)

The three best hacks in the competition based on the prompts we provided. Presentation, demo, and creativity would count. Each person in the team would receive around 10 dollars worth of engineering merch.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


You must be a 1A student in either SYDE or BME major. And please complete the signup form so that we can verify you.


The submission should be a prototype or a proof of concept of your solution. You would also need to upload a demo video of your team actually using the prototype. In your Devpost, please follow the sample criteria and write about your learning.


Steven Wang

Gabby Chan

Gabby Chan

Pamela Wang

Aaron Jiang

Ayla Orucevic

Ayla Orucevic

Lakshya Khanna

Lakshya Khanna

Nolan Dey

Andy Lee

Andy Lee

Mathurah Ravigulan

Mathurah Ravigulan

Julia Turner

Julia Turner

Chamod Gamage

Judging Criteria

  • Creativity
    The creativity criteria measures how the project is being innovative and how it can bring a positive impact to the society.
  • Logic
    In this criteria, we want to evaluate how well the solution is tied into problem space. Does the solution actually solve the problem in a large system? A thorough analysis of the current system in any form would be valuable.
  • Presentation
    We are evaluating the quality of the prototype/proof of concept as well as the quality of the demo video.
  • Learning
    We are also looking at the content of the Devpost you wrote which documents your learning from this hackathon. What are some strategies you use to solve obstacles?

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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